This is not really about us.

It's about you, how we can help both you and the disadvantaged in the community.


We are not just a marketing company, a printer, a signwriter, a leaflet distributor, a promotion company, a charity shop or a BAME community aid organisation  we are all these and more, with years of collective experience that will help your company to grow by bringing local customers to your door.

We help businesses like yours to develop by getting your sales message directly to local people - by sending new customers to your doorstep. We will get you noticed by the people that count, drive up your sales and pile on your profit.

Let's Make A Sale provides an amazing range of integrated services to give unrivaled sales and marketing support for your business - not by just delivering leaflets and flyers directly into your customers hand or just amazing signwriting on your vehicles, but bespoke packages tailored to your needs and budget. Opening a shop in the High Street? - we'll make sure everybody in town knows about it. Developing a construction company? - we'll make sure your name is on the tip of the tongue of everybody putting in a planning application. What ever your company does we'll think out of the box and provide some amazing ideas to really give your sales a lift!

lot is said these days about the importance of a digital presence which is true, and very important if your customers are hundreds of miles away. However, local businesses need to talk to local people, you can't beat business on your doorstep. We will get your message across to people you see in the street. We'll give you the support to see you flourish.

Our initial consultation is always free and without obligation, so come and chat and tell us what you would like to achieve, we'll provide some amazing cost effective  ideas designed to help your business grow! 

Perhaps we have left the best to last, we try to care for and help the most vulnerable in the community - we are a not for profit company - a CIC. All we make goes to help the homeless and disadvantaged in the community. Why? Because a little while ago the directors were, through no fault of their own, made homeless and only through the kindness of others managed to rebuild their lives. We want to repay that debt and make a more equal society.

We launched last year in Worcester we hope to meet you soon. 

Please call us now, for no nonsense advice 07985 693393